Ikarus B

Grey gelding, *1993
by Ile de Bourbon-Goldpilz
Breeder: Broer Bruns



Ikuras B is the first horse that Edouard de Rothschild bought for me. 

To start with Ikuras B was ridden in national competitions. In 2003 we effortlessly made the jump into the international league with placings in Hamburg, Münster, Spangenberg und Oldenburg. 


6. Pl. competition class S** in Oldenburg
12. Pl. competition class S* in Oldenburg
6. Pl. competition class S** in Münster
2. Pl. combinated competition class S in Münster
2. Pl. competition class S*** in Spangenberg
11. Pl. competition class S*** in Redefin
11. Pl. competition class S* in Hamburg
9. Pl. competition class S*** in Bonn- Rodderbach