BWP, Grey Stallion, *1999
by Darco-Cassini
Breeder: Harrie Theeuwes
Owner: Societe Civile de l'Ecurie de Meautry

The approved stallion Winningmood was competing internationally before he came into my stables in 2009. Edouard de Rothschild discovered him for me, although I didn't think in the beginning that Winningmood would suit me. However, he felt wonderfully light and elastic the very first time I tried him. We've finished fourth in the World Cup Finals Geneva, successfully competed at three European Championships and have landed up front in many Grand Prix such as London/GBR, Madrid/ESP and Basel/SUI.  



3rd  Pl. 1,60 m show-jumping test in Calgary/CAN

4th Pl. 1,50 m show-jumping test in Calgary/CAN

1st Pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Chantilly/FRA

4th Pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Rotterdam/NED

5th Pl. Grand Prix in Chantilly/FRA

6th Pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Antwerpen/BEL

7th Pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Rotterdam/NED

13th Pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Aachen



3rd pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Basel/SUI

8th pl. Grand Prix in Zürich/SUI

8th pl. 1,50 m show-jumping test in Paris/FRA



1st pl. GCT Grand Prix in Madrid/ESP

1st pl. GCT Grand Prix in Vienna/AUT

1st pl. 1,50 m show-jumping test in Basel/SUI

2nd pl. 1,60m show-jumping test in Paris/FRA

3rd pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in 's-Hertogenbosch/NLD

4th pl. 1,55m show-jumping test in Doha/QAT

5th pl. Weltcup-show-jumping test in Goeteborg/SWE

5th pl. Grand Prix in 's-Hertogenbosch/NLD

5th pl. 1,50m show-jumping test in London/GBR

7th pl. Grand Prix in Geneva/SUI

7th pl. GCT Grand Prix in Hamburg

8th pl. GCT  Grand Prix in Valkenswaard/NDL

8th pl. 1,50 m show-jumping test in Zurich/SUI

9th pl. GCT Grand Prix in Estoril/POR

10th pl. Grand Prix in St. Tropez/FRA

12th pl Grand Prix in Paris/FRA



3rd  pl. Grand Prix in Ebreichsdorf/AUT


1st pl. 1,45 m show-jumping test in Lanaken/BEL

2nd pl. 1,55 m show-jumping test in Aachen

3rd pl. Grand Prix in Estoril/POR

4th pl. Grand Prix in Oslo/NOR

4th pl. Grand Prix in Wien/AUT

4th pl. EM, 1. Qualikation, 1,50 m in Herning/DEN

5th pl. Grand Prix in Helsinki/FIN

6th pl. Grand Prix in London/GBR

6th pl. Grand Prix in Madrid/ESP

11th pl. EM, Team-Finale in Herning/DEN

12th pl. Grand Prix in Verona/ITA

12th pl. Grand Prix in Chantilly/FRA

16th pl. EM, Einzel-Finale in Herning/DEN 


3rd  pl. Grand Prix in Zurich/SUI

5th pl. Grand Prix in Doha/QAT


3rd  pl. World Cup-Finale in Leipzig

3rd. pl. Grand Prix in Zurich/SUI

4th pl. Grand Prix in Estoril/POR

5th pl. Grand Pri in Monte Carlo/MON

5th pl. Grand Prix, GCT-Finale in Abu Dhabi/UAE

9th pl. Grand Prix in Basel/SUI

9th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test  in Zurich/SUI

8th pl. Grand Prix in Bordeaux/FRA

8th pl. Grand Prix in Paris/FRA

9th pl. Grand Prix in s’Hertogenbosch/NED

9th pl. Grand Prix in San Patrignano/ITA

10th pl. Einzelwertung Europameisterschaft in Madrid/ESP

10th pl. Grand Prix in Wiesbaden

12th pl. Grand Prix in Goeteborg/SWE

17th pl. Grand Prix in Aachen


1st pl. 1.50m show-jumping test in Estoril/POR

3rd  pl. World Cup-Finale in Geneva/SUI

5th pl. Grand Prix in Paris/FRA

6th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test  in Bordeaux/FRA

6th pl. Grand Prix in Geneva/SUI

8th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test in Leipzig

8th pl. Grand Prix in Bordeaux/FRA

16th pl. Grand Prix in Aachen


2nd pl. Team Europameisterschaft in Windsor/GBR

5th pl. 1.50m show-jumping test in Hamburg

5th pl. 1.55m show-jumping test in Aachen

9th pl. Grand Prix in San Patrignano/ITA

10th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test  in Oslo/NOR

11th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test in Stuttgart

12th pl. World Cup-show-jumping test in Helsinki/FIN